Oakland University Road to Worlds header with images of JCubed, Rahz, and JWismont

Oakland’s Innovation Prepares for Success at Worlds

The Oakland University Rocket League team is a newer face on the scene, but after just a year of JCubed, Rahz, and JWismont playing together, they’ve seen good success. OU has proven themselves to be adapters, never afraid to reevaluate and change things up as needed. They qualified for Worlds through LCQ placement, and are looking forward to going into the competition aggressively.

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University of Central Florida Road to Worlds header with images of Bambii, Azfura, and Luke.

UCF: A Chance for Redemption on the World Stage

The University of Central Florida Rocket League team, known informally as the UCF Knights, have had an incredible run in this Spring 2022 season of CRL. They held the undefeated, first place slot throughout most of League Play before losing their final 3 matches. This led to a final League Play record of 12-3 and a demotion to 2nd place. After qualifying for East Playoffs as the 2nd seed and winning their first-round matchup against Oakland, they took two consecutive losses to Stockton and St. Clair. This knocked them out of contention for an automatic bid to the National Championship and Worlds.

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Columbia College Road to Worlds header with images of cam, CosmicFlippy, and Cryptic

Columbia College: The Titans of the West Prepare for the World Stage

The Columbia College Rocket League team have had an outstanding Spring 2022 season so far. They tore through Western League Play with a 15-0 record, losing only five individual games along the way. This sent Columbia College to the Western Conference Playoffs, where they placed first and qualified for both the North American Championship and the CRL World Championship.

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