CCA community meetup at RLCS Season 7 World Championship

College Carball Association, also known as CCA, is a community, founded in February 2017, where university students and alumni can come together to establish their university clubs and teams, hang out and practice with other collegiate players, and engage in intercollegiate exhibitions. The CCA serves as a major communication HUB for College Rocket League Club Leaders. The CCA currently has 270+ registered school chapters, 200+ chapters in development, and over 6,500 members! For over 4 years the CCA has been broadcasting and organizing Rocket League events such as Collegiate Rocket League, Intel Inspires, and CCA Summer Series.


Ben Rumney

Executive Director

Michigan Technological University
Electrical (Power) Engineering
Class of 2021

Jack Osterman

Creative Director

University of Cincinnati
Computer Science
Class of 2022

Matthias Dean

Vice President of Operations

Taylor University
Computer Science Cybersecurity
Class of 2022


Drew Helms

Public Relations

California State University, Long Beach
Business Management
Class of 2023

Joey Spott

Community Manager

University of Nebraska
Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2021

Michael Charlton

Director of League Operations

Carleton University
Computer Science
Class of 2021

Brett Post

Technology Officer

Michigan Technological University
Computer Science
Class of 2021