Summer Series is Back!

  With Northwood being crowned the 2022 CRL World Champion, it is time to set our eyes forward on the best season of the year,

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KIT SC Road to Worlds header with images of Matee10, Pads, and LorisRaptor

From Trash to Treasure: The Raccoon’s Miracle Run to Worlds

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Rocket League team, the KIT SC Lawnmowers, have had a very interesting season. After qualifying for the Group Stage of the EURC, they were able to win 6/9 of the series within their group, taking 4th place in group A and qualifying for the Playoffs. Going into the playoffs, they were 21 seed, but they remained undefeated until the Upper Semi-Finals where their win streak came to an end at the hands of Berlin Phoenix. However, KIT still had some fight left in them and were able to win the Lower Quarter-Finals, which automatically placed them in the top 4 for the EURC 2022 season. Despite losing again in the Lower Semi-Finals and being eliminated from the Playoffs, their top 4 spot granted them qualification for the CRL World Championship. 

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Portsmouth University Road to Worlds header with images of Psycho, Mercy, and Bread2k

Portsmouth Determined to Prove Themselves on the International stage at Worlds

The University of Portsmouth Paladins are heading international for the first time as they prepare to make a name for themselves at Worlds. They are one of three National Student Esports (NSE), and one of six EU teams competing in Worlds. They qualified through their 3rd World Cup placement, and their EURC win, making them the #1 EU seed in Worlds. 

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University of Hamburg Road to Worlds header with images of Calix, Mjeyzo, and Hartmann

Revitalized Hamburg Takes the CRL World Stage

The University of Hamburg Rocket League team returned to EURC 2022 this year with their best roster yet. So good, in fact, that they are coming into the CRL World Championship as the 14th seed team. Hamburg has less LAN experience than the other German teams accompanying them, making them a wildcard in terms of receiving a LAN buff. Despite this, Hamburg have plenty more going for them as they prepare to take on the World Stage the best they can.

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Keele University Road to Worlds header with images of Kay3, Poddy, and Dooz

Keele Krakens Take a Crack at CRL World Championship Title

The Keele Krakens Rocket League team shot up in performance through the course of the latest NSE and EURC seasons. Their captain, Kay3, has been competing in university events since starting school in 2019. In the early days he was joined by Poddy and Timeconstant. But one day in 2020 Timeconstant couldn’t play, and Dooz stepped on the pitch to fill in. He became a permanent fixture and Timeconstant moved to the sub spot to create the Keele roster we know and love. Now, just a year and a half later, Keele are taking on their biggest challenge yet at a team: CRL Worlds.

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Penn State Road to Worlds header with images of Cambam, Bran, and Karim

Penn State Aims to Take Down UNLV in CRL Worlds

The Penn State University Rocket League team made a crazy run in the CRL Last Chance Qualifier, upsetting a fan favorite University of Akron and clinching one of 16 spots in the World Championships. Now begs the question, can they do the same in Dallas?

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UT Arlington Road to Worlds header with images of Samba, Nava, and Adverse

UT – Arlington is Ready for their Hard Work to Pay Off at Worlds

The University of Texas at Arlington official Esports program has been around since 2019. UT Arlington made their debut in the Collegiate Rocket League in Fall 2019, receiving 8th place out of the entire western conference. Swapping between their original roster of Genghis, Adverse, Echo, Samba, and Nava for a few semesters, they have finally secured their roster of Adverse, Samba, and Nava. UTA is no stranger to CRL, as they have advanced through League Play every season since Fall 2019. 

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