CCA Summer Series 2022 Competitive Ruling: Indian River State College

After qualifying for CCA Summer Series 2022 East Division I League Play, a player on Indian River State College decided against pursuing a degree at Indian River State College, rendering them ineligible to compete in CCA Summer Series 2022 and for Indian River State College.

CCA Summer Series 2022 Event Administration has concluded that playing and qualifying for League Play with a player who is not planning on attending their team’s institution is not acceptable. A team must play and qualify with eligible players pursuing a degree at their represented institution.

In light of this, Indian River State College is not eligible to compete in CCA Summer Series 2022 League Play. Indian River State College will receive a League Play record of 0-11, forfeiting all matches. All teams scheduled to play Indian River State College will receive a 0-0 win during the week they are scheduled to play Indian River State College. Indian River State College will forfeit all potential League Play prize earnings.

Relevant rule(s)

5. Player Eligibility (5.1.2), 6. Team Formation, Operations and Conduct (6.1.1), 8. Rules and Conduct Violations (8.1.2, 8.2.1)


5.1.2 Academic Status
Players must be (a) enrolled full time during the Spring 2022, Summer 2022, or Fall 2022 terms in accordance with the requirements of their accredited College or University, or vocational-technical school in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, and (b) maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA or similar (such as hold good academic standing), which can be evidenced by an official school transcript, in each case (items (a) and (b)), for the semester during which the Tournament is held.


6.1.1 Academic Institution
Teams must be comprised of players attending the same academic institution. All players on a team must be able to provide proof of enrollment to the same institution as stated in Section 5.1.2.


8.1.2 Removal
Players understand and agree that CCA has the right, in its sole discretion, to remove a Player from or restrict such Player’s participation in any Tournament event as part of any investigation conducted by CCA and/or a Tournament Administrator (as applicable) pursuant to Section 8.1.1.


8.2.1 Disciplinary Actions
If CCA decides that a Player has violated the Code of Conduct or any term of the Rules, CCA may take the following disciplinary actions (as applicable):

  • Match restart;
  • Loss of Game;
  • Match forfeiture;
  • Issue a private or public warning (verbal or written) to the Player;
  • Loss of all or any part of the Scholastic Awards previously awarded to the Player;
  • Disqualify the Player from participating in one or more Matches and/or sessions at the Tournament; or
  • Prevent the Player from participating in one or more future competitions hosted by CCA.

Additional details can be found in the Official Rules:

Indian River State College is eligible to compete in CCA Summer Series 2022 Open with an eligible roster.

Competitive integrity is of utmost importance, and as such, we cannot allow a team to compete after qualifying with an ineligible player.

There will be no back-fill or qualifier for Indian River State College’s East Division I League Play spot. No teams will be shifted into this position.

East Conference Playoffs positions may shift to account for this change. An announcement will be made in the future to address this.

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