Summer Series 2021 is here!

CCA Summer Series 2021 is here, and we are committed to making this our best event yet! This year’s event is very special to us as this will be our 5th year running Summer Series!

Summer Series Breakdown

This year’s event is very similar to last year with the most notable changes coming to the Summer Open.  Summer Series will once again feature 2 divisions of League Play per conference and the Summer Open. Based on feedback from last year’s Summer Series, the Summer Open will be East and West divided. The Summer Open will feature groups of 6-8 teams competing in round robin play for a Top 2 spot in their group. The Top 2 teams from each group will advance to the Open Wildcard to fight for a playoff berth. 8 teams from the Open Wildcard will join the 24 league play teams in a conference playoff. The 32 teams will battle it out in a Tower-of-Doom double elimination bracket fighting for a Top 4 spot and Championship berth. The Championship will bring Summer Series to a conclusion with an 8 team single elimination bracket to determine the champion.

Key Dates

Qualifier #1: June 26th, 12PM ET (East) / 1PM ET (West) [Registration Closes June 24th at 11:59 PM ET]

Qualifier #2: June 30th, 8PM ET (East) / 9PM ET (West) [Registration Closes June 28th at 11:59 PM ET]

Play-Ins: July 3rd, 12PM ET (East) / 1PM ET (West)

League Play: July 7th to August 12th

Summer Open: July 17th to July 31st [Registration Open June 25th – July 14th]

Summer Open Wildcard: August 7th & August 8th

Conference Playoffs: August 14th & 15th (East), August 21st & 22nd (West)

Championship: September 4th & 5th


East Qualifier #1 – Sign up here!

West Qualifier #1 – Sign up here!

East Qualifier #2 – Sign up here!

West Qualifier #2 – Sign up here!


We are pleased to announce Psyonix as returning title sponsor for Summer Series ’21 with a $30,000 Prizepool. For more information on prizing, read up on our announcement here.


Full rules can be found here. Join the discord here for any questions or support.

Ben Rumney

Ben Rumney

CCA Executive Director