CCA Summer Series 2023 Competitive Ruling: Nichols College

After qualifying for CCA Summer Series 2023 Group Stage, it was discovered that a player on Nichols College participated from a country outside of the Eligibility Area, rendering them ineligible to compete in CCA Summer Series 2023 and for Nichols College.

CCA Summer Series 2023 Event Administration has concluded that playing and qualifying for Group Stage with a player who is not within the Eligibility Area violates the CCA Summer Series 2023 Official Rules and is not acceptable. A team must play and qualify with eligible players who reside within the Eligibility Area.

In light of this, Nichols College is not eligible to compete in CCA Summer Series 2023 Group Stage. Nichols College will receive a Group Stage record of 0-3, forfeiting all matches. All teams scheduled to play Nichols College will receive a 0-0 win during the week they are scheduled to play Nichols College. Nichols College will forfeit all potential CCA Summer Series 2023 prize earnings.

Relevant Rule(s)

1. Tournament Structure (2.1), 5. Player Eligibility (5.6), 6. Team Formation, Operations and Conduct (6.1.2), 8. Rules and Conduct Violations (8.1.2, 8.2.1)

2.1 Definition of Terms

  • “Eligibility Area”: means Canada (excluding Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon), Mexico, and United States (including Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).

5.6 Additional Restrictions The Tournament in all parts is open to eligible Players who reside in the Eligibility Area but is void wherever restricted or prohibited by applicable law or in any country where participation is prohibited by U.S. law.

6.1.2 Team Location Teams must be comprised of Players who reside within the Eligibility Area.

8.1.2 Removal Players understand and agree that CCA has the right, in its sole discretion, to remove a Player from or restrict such Player’s participation in any Tournament event as part of any investigation conducted by CCA and/or a Tournament Administrator (as applicable) pursuant to Section 8.1.1.

8.2.1 Disciplinary Actions If CCA decides that a Player has violated the Code of Conduct or any term of the Rules, CCA may take the following disciplinary actions (as applicable):

  • Match restart;
  • Loss of Game;
  • Match forfeiture;
  • Issue a private or public warning (verbal or written) to the Player;
  • Loss of all or any part of the Scholastic Awards previously awarded to the Player;
  • Disqualify the Player from participating in one or more Matches and/or sessions at the Tournament; or
  • Prevent the Player from participating in one or more future competitions hosted by CCA.

Additional details can be found in the Official Rules:

Competitive integrity is of utmost importance, and as such, we cannot allow a team to compete after qualifying with a player who participates from an area outside of the Eligibility Area.

There will be no back-fill or qualifier for Nichols College’s Group Stage spot. No teams will be shifted into this position.

Matthias Dean

Matthias Dean