CCA Summer Series Overview

The College Carball Association is proud to announce the $20,000 CCA Summer Series presented by Psyonix!

CCA’s Summer Series will give college teams a great way to transition from last semester’s outgoing rosters and serve as the perfect avenue to explore new lineups and help find new powerhouse teams going into the Fall 2020 semester.

Why the Summer Series is Important

CCA has spent several years building a community around competitive collegiate Rocket League, and the 2020 Summer Series perfectly encapsulates those efforts. Featuring over 250 attendees, this year’s summer series will give teams quality practice to prepare them for the Fall 2020 competitive season.

Psyonix has been very attentive to the competitive collegiate community, and by sponsoring a grassroots competition such as ourselves means that we can help provide more opportunities for more than the schools that make CRL.

Due to the nature of collegiate esports, a lot of players retire and new players rise up to take their spot, and the Summer Series will give teams a chance to try out rosters that they otherwise would only be able to test in scrims. Being able to test out a new third or even a whole new roster in a live environment is invaluable and we hope it means that teams elevate the level of competition both in the Summer Series and in the Fall.

What will the format look like?

The Summer Series will be broken into two regions (East and West) and the action starts tonight at 8pm EST with the first qualifier! There will be two qualifiers on June 4th and June 7th that will take 64 teams (in each region) to the play-in stage which starts June 14th.

The play-in stage will seed teams into Division 1 (top 12 teams) and Division 2 (13-24) with division matches streamed on Tuesday (Division 2) and Thursday (Division 1) from 8-9:40 pm EST.

If you don’t make the play-ins you will be able to participate in the open circuit which will have five double elimination tournaments to decide 8 teams per conference to advance to the Summer Series playoffs.

Your seeding at the end of league play/open circuit will determine where you place in the “tower of doom” bracket that will feed into an eight-team single-elimination championship bracket with the top four teams from each conference represented. The CCA Summer Series 2020 champion will be crowned on August 9th, 2020.

Overall the Summer Series is primed to be a big undertaking but should provide a fun experience for everyone involved.

Drew Helms

Drew Helms

CCA Public Relations