CRL Winners & Losers: Week Three

Below I dive into some of the storylines over the last week of CRL action, and pick out some winning and losing teams, players, and groups. 


Winner: The West Top Three

  • The top three teams in the West went a combined 9-1 in Week three. The only loss comes within the top three, as LSU beat Arizona 3-2. LSU continued their undefeated start, improving to 9-0 with a clean 3-0 week. UNT finished the week 2-0, while Arizona added four wins outside of the lone loss to LSU. 

Loser: Semi-Inactive Teams

  • The CRL season is intense and sometimes teams need a week of fewer games to cool off a bit and reset. In week three it seems like those teams forgot to wake up for their games though. Teams that played two or fewer games went a combined 3-12. If you remove UNT who was previously mentioned as going 2-0 in week three, the remaining nine teams have a staggering 1-12 record. 

Winner: Akron vs. Northwood Spectators

  • What a show these two titans put on for us as Akron delivered the first blow to Northwood’s perfect season live on the A-Stream, taking them down 3-1. Fans, power rankers,  and players scrambled to be the first to claim Akron #1 and “Buttinz Goat”, but their celebration wouldn’t last long. Northwood returned to form for their second match, easily taking down Akron 3-0 and showing everyone once again why they are still at the top of the East. The 1-1 aggregate score between these teams leaves so much to be determined heading towards playoffs.

Loser: “UT Adverse”

  • Not the team or the school, the only loser here is people still using this nickname. If anyone wasn’t a fan of it, it has to be Samba, and he’s gone and proved it wrong. He currently leads all of CRL with 473 points/game, and also sits in 6th for goals/game and 2nd in saves/game. Arlington as a team has been playing great the last few weeks, despite a 2-3 record in week three. Losses to Arizona and LSU are tough but not too surprising; splitting two series with CSUF, as well as pulling off a win over UTD is quite encouraging for UTA.

Winner: The letters A-D

  • Many people provide tips and tricks, or even coaching on how to improve as a Rocket League player. Here at the CCA is no different, and if you want success, I have one easy solution. Make your gamertag start with a letter A-D. Six out of the top ten players in all of CRL for MVP’s start with A-D, which means that’s your ticket to carrying matches at the collegiate level. If you want to get even more technical, three out of the top four start with B (although that hasn’t helped me yet). No matter how you look at it: Bobsto, buzz, Buddy, Ayjacks, dbanq, and daffy are crushing it so far this season.
Ben Bramly

Ben Bramly

Ben 'bennyS' Bramly is a moderator and editorial lead for the College Carball Asociation, covering CRL, and CCA events throughout the year. He also manages the Durham College Varsity RL team, and runs Ontario collegiate events.