CRL Spring Spotlight Series: Ohio State

Is this finally the time for OSU?

Ohio State has been a staple in the Collegiate Rocket League scene, having teams in the top level of league play dating back to Season 2 (Season 1 they did not make league play, but ran through the North conference playoffs, and came one game away from winning). They have always been a middle of the pack team in league play, minus a top 8 result in the most recent CCA Winter Classic, losing to Northwood.

Coming from the fall season where they missed playoffs with an 8-7 record, the Buckeyes know there is still more work to be done. This being a returning roster, they have more experience under their belt and now have more confidence to continue what they started nearing the end of League Play last season, and the CCA Winter Classic, where they notably took down Akron in 4 games. Moving into qualifiers for the spring season only the top 2 teams from League Play in fall auto qualified (Northwood and Akron). OSU was given the 3 seed going into the first qualifier where they had to play and reverse sweep King University (a team that just fell short in both qualifiers), and Winthrop University led by Soniqs professional Tcorrell. They lost the first series against Winthrop; and then were forced to yet again reverse sweep in the bracket reset. This team had faced all the adversity they could have; yet despite being pushed to the brink twice they still came out on top. This says a lot about the mental fortitude that this team has, and the ability to will themselves to another League Play qualification.

Ohio State has always been, as mentioned previously, a mainstay in CRL and mostly near the middle of the pack, but this time they have expectations to push themselves beyond that, and make the Eastern Conference Playoffs which features the top 4 in each conference. They are confident in themselves, and want to make this season a good one. Being able to handle all of that adversity in qualifiers, and having some solid results leading into the spring season, they look primed to make a splash, and maybe, just maybe, clinch playoffs this time. Of course, the competition will be cutthroat as this will be the most competitive season yet, with 9 other teams that are just as hungry to make their name known. With the double round-robin format, it will be rewarding to be consistent, and that’s all OSU has to do to make sure they outshine everyone else.

All in all, with this season looking to have the fiercest competition of any CRL season, will Ohio State break away from the middle of the pack? Or will they fall back into the same old routine like past seasons? Make sure to watch and find out!

Ohio State Roster: Maseter, Shiro, Slepy.

Jared Greenwood

Jared Greenwood