CCA Power Rankings – Week 4

The CCA Ranking Committee and Editors will be providing weekly updated Power Rankings for the twenty CRL Spring teams with info, results, and outlooks for teams throughout the rest of the season. The rankings combine both East and West Conference teams and are based on our opinions as of 4/19. Rankings are completed by bennyS, Vitali, Parkour Penguin, Jamaican, and Tbates. Rankings are formatted by: Rank (change) School Name (Overall Record) (Week Record)


1. (-) Northwood University (11-1) (3-1)

    • The Ranking Committee might have been slightly concerned about choosing a new one seed after Northwood’s unbeaten season came to an end last week against Akron. That wouldn’t last long though as Northwood would come back and sweep Akron in their second series, showing that they might have just been having an off day. We’ll hopefully get to see a tiebreaker between these two in the playoffs, but for now, the rankers are confident Northwood still has the upper hand.


2. (-) Louisiana State University (9-0) (3-0)

    • Despite doing everything they can by winning every series they play, LSU still can’t find the top seed as rankers continue to favour Northwood in the hypothetical matchup. One of the power rankers did make the jump however, slotting LSU in at the one seed, but they’ll be drowned out by the sea of twos around them. 


3. (+1) Akron Zips (8-2) (2-1)

    • Our first change from last week comes much further up the ladder than we’ve seen previously, as the Zips move up to the third seed after a huge win over Northwood. They would end up falling to Northwood later in the week in their second matchup, but earning that victory as well as a win over USF is enough to move them up heading into week four.


4. (-1) University of North Texas (9-1) (2-0)

    • UNT did no wrong this week, with a 2-0 record over Texas Tech and Oregon. That being said, they’ll still drop a single spot more due to Akron’s strong performance over Northwood. Their 3-2 win over Texas Tech did give rankers a bit of concern, but they still maintain their top-four position, with ranks split between the three and four spots for North Texas.


5. (-) UCF Knights (4-4) (0-1)

    • This was one of the bigger gambles for the rankers this week, as UCF’s 4-4 record wouldn’t normally earn a top-five spot. In their defense, their only loss of the week was to the top-ranked Northwood squad, and they still have a LOT of games to play. The rankers were all in agreement on this one, but Jamaican sums it up nicely saying “They seem to be having a slow start but I don’t think anyone ranked sixth to tenth is better than them in a best of seven”. UCF still has more games to play in the final two weeks than anyone besides Oregon (who didn’t start playing until week three), so their final record will most likely look drastically different from 4-4.


6. (+2) Florida Poly (7-4) (3-0)

    • The first big jump in the power rankings goes to Florida Poly as they jump up two spots to sixth. Their pristine 3-0 record on the week brings them up into a playoff spot for now, although there is plenty that could change in the final few weeks. They still have to play their second match against three of the four teams they’ve lost to; with matchups against Northwood, Akron, and UCF sure to bring challenge to the FPU team. Their 3-0 record this week can also be questioned, with all three wins coming against the bottom three teams in the East currently, although in my opinion, consistency against the lower teams is what leads to a top CRL team. If they can keep beating up on the bottom half of the East then a playoff spot is certainly in reach for Florida Poly.


7. (-) University of Arizona (7-3) (4-1)

    • A great week for Arizona, as they add four wins and a lone loss to LSU. Unfortunately for them the top of the rankings is so stuffed that their reward for a strong week is to hold steady at seventh. Wins over Oregon, UTA and CSUF will help to widen the gap between them and the rest of the West chasing that solid top three of LSU, UNT and Arizona.


8. (-2) UT Dallas (5-6) (2-2)

    • UTD Started off the week with wins over WSU and Texas Tech, and looked to finish off the week strong against Arlington and WSU for the second time. Instead they would drop both of those bringing them back down to earth for a 2-2 week. Currently sitting at 5-6, they are now actually out of a playoff spot, and need to pick it up in the last two weeks to try and earn that back. While Arlington is ahead of them with a sixth victory, they have also lost two more series then Arlington, so they have some room to bring it back.


9. (+1) OSU Beanz (8-5) (2-2)

    • The Beanz continue to prove they belong in the top ten, after continuing to play solid Rocket League and taking down UNCC twice. Their losses come to Northwood and Florida Poly which is understandable. Currently sitting at third in the East, OSU looks like they could legitimately make playoffs this season. Their second matchups against Akron and UCF will be huge in seeing where OSU will fall this season.


10. (-1) CSUF Titans (4-7) (1-3)

    • Despite a tough week for the Titans, they will barely hold onto their top ten spot thanks to a win over UT Arlington just below them in the rankings. UTA barely won their first matchup 3-2, but CSUF came back and won the second series with a more convincing 3-1 victory. Their other losses to Arizona and Oregon sting, and if more similar defeats start stacking up, CSUF could drop out of the top 10.


11. (-) UT Arlington (6-8) (2-3)

      • Losses to Arizona and LSU make their week look worse than it was. Wins over UTD, as well as a split series with CSUF look promising for Arlington if they can keep the momentum moving upwards.


12. (+1) University of Oregon (3-3) (2-2)

    • Keeping everything even, as Oregon goes 2-2 on the week to stay .500 overall. They have yet to play either match against LSU, Texas Tech, UT Dallas, or MS&T so there’s still a lot that can change in either direction for Oregon.


13. (-1) UNC Charlotte (4-7) (0-2)

    • A slow week for UNCC, as they only played their two matches against OSU, dropping both. UNCC has had their ups and downs this season, and will need to pick it up in the last two weeks to have a chance at playoffs.


14. (+1) University of South Florida (4-5) (1-1)

    • 1-1 on the week is nothing to write home about, but a win over Virginia and a loss to Akron will move them up one spot, moreso from TTU dropping then anything. Still have to play both series against UCF and OSU, as well as a second match against Akron, Northwood, and Florida Poly, so the road ahead is looking rough for USF.


15. (-1) Texas Tech University (3-7) (0-2)

    • TTU continues to slide down the rankings as an 0-2 week will do them no favours. They’ve had encouraging moments throughout the season but never seem to be able to put it together to consistently link together victories.


16. (-) Stockton University (2-8) (0-1)

    • Since beating Florida Poly and UCF early in their season, Stockton has gone on quite the losing streak, and now sit at 2-8. They stay above Virginia just because of their past success, but that won’t hold them up for long. A doubleheader with Durham this week could decide the bottom of the East. 


17. (-) University of Virginia (3-8) (0-2)

    • Losses to USF and OSU make it harder to find a way for Virginia to move up in the rankings or the standings. Justinkap continues to lead all of CRL in saves/game, which isn’t always a good thing. If UVA can limit shots a bit better, they might be able to squeak out a few more wins against the middle section of the East.


18. (+1) Washington State University (3-8) (1-2)

    • A win over UTD will boost WSU up to 18th, while two more losses will stop them from going any further. 


19. (-1) Durham Lords Varsity (2-9) (0-1)

    • After playing the most games of any team in week two, they slowed down and only played one in week three. Things will be looking bleak for the Lords unless they can win both series against Stockton this week.


20. (-) Missouri S&T (2-8) (0-2)

    • MS&T will continue to sit at 20th after an 0-2 week for them. Losses to Arizona and LSU are understandable, but with no positive movement from Missouri, it’s hard to rank them any higher.
Ben Bramly

Ben Bramly

Ben 'bennyS' Bramly is a moderator and editorial lead for the College Carball Asociation, covering CRL, and CCA events throughout the year. He also manages the Durham College Varsity RL team, and runs Ontario collegiate events.