CCA Launches Internship Program for Spring 2022

Editors note: All internship positions have been filled!

The CCA are excited to announce the CCA Internship Program! This program will provide passionate students with paid opportunities to help in various departments at the CCA! This program will enable students to gain experience in the esports industry as well as make connections with industry leaders. Find out more about each available position below.

Available Positions

League Operations Intern – 2 Positions Available
As a League Operations intern, you will work on day-to-day upkeep of CCA events, coordinating with other staff and players so as to provide an excellent experience for all partners and competitors. You will be involved in decision making pertaining to league and event operations, as well as contribute to shaping collegiate esports.

Graphics and Media Intern – 2 Positions Available
As a Graphics and Media intern, you will work on developing branding and social graphics that are displayed in front of large audiences. You will be able to express competition, event themes, and ideas through the graphics and videos that you produce.

Statistics Intern – 1 Position Available
As a Statics intern, you will work to organize event statistics to provide meaningful insight into both operations and competitive events. You will coordinate with other teams to provide valuable information that helps to further storylines through the use of numbers and statistics.

Technology Development Intern – 1 Position Available
As a Technology Development intern, you will develop tools that will be used on broadcasts and within the company to help aid in simplifying common operations. You will collaborate with others teams to integrate graphics, statistics, and media into the technology that you develop so as to create holistic products.

Production Intern – 2 Positions Available
As a Production intern, you will work to aid and produce broadcasts, content, and operate various broadcast roles so as to produce quality esports broadcasts. Production interns will have the opportunity to serve in many roles across the production team.

Content Intern – 2 Positions Available
As a Content intern, you have the opportunity to tell the story of collegiate teams and players in a meaningful and impactful way, demonstrating the depth and importance of specific competitions, players, and backgrounds. You will produce written and/or video content, as well as coordinate with other teams to include all aspects of media and storytelling.

Social Media Intern – 1 Position Available
As a Social Media intern, you will operate various social media platforms to orchestrate a general outreach, communicating various aspects of collegiate esports such as competition, storylines, and general information. You have the opportunity to collaborate with other teams to cover a variety of topics while managing large social media platforms.

For Students, By Students

The CCA is for students, by students, and we are very excited to continue to develop a space that grows and enables college students to pursue esports as a paid opportunity, gaining valuable experience that produces industry leaders!

Find more information about each position and APPLY HERE (look for positions that include - CCA).

Each internship will last from January 10th to April 8th (13 weeks). Each position is remote. Applications are due January 6th.

Matthias Dean

Matthias Dean