How to Join the CCA

Anyone is welcome to join the CCA community! Firstly, be sure to join our CCA Discord Server and fill out this New Member Registration form.

Joining a Chapter

  1. After joining the Discord Server, go to the #set-school channel.
  2. Browse through the Established CCA Chapters and Developing CCA Chapters for your school.
    • If your university is not listed, then your school currently does not have a chapter yet. If this is the case, go down to Starting a Chapter.
  3. Once you find your college, type .iam [Your School Tag] into the text box and hit enter. You will then be assigned with your school's tag and have access to your chapter's voice and text channels.

Starting a Chapter

  1. To start a new chapter, head over to the #help-and-support channel and post a request for help on setting up a new chapter. Our moderators check the channel regularly and one of them will reply to help you out.
  2. When requested, tell the moderator the university you attend and your school's colors.
  3. Once the moderator sets up the university text channel and role for you, that's it! You have just started a Developing Chapter!

Establishing a Chapter

  1. To become an Established Chapter, you must have at least 3 members from your university assigned to your chapter role and have filled out the New Member Registration form.
    • Having trouble establishing a Rocket League team or an Esports club on campus? Follow our guide for help!
  2. After registering 3 or more members, delegate one of your members to be the Chapter President and have them contact a Moderator or an Eboard member.
  3. Done! Your chapter will be established and you will be granted a personal voice channel in our server for your university!