College Carball Association Summer Series 2020 Official Rules

1. Introduction and Scope

1.1 Introduction

These College Carball Association (CCA) Summer Series 2020 Official Rules govern all tournament stages of the CCA Summer Series 2020, provided by College Carball LLC.

1.2 Enforcement

CCA Operations will have primary responsibility for enforcing these Rules for all Players and may, working with designated staff members, hand out penalties to Players for violations of these Rules.

1.3 Amendments

CCA Administration have the right to update, revise, change, or modify the rulebook at any time at their own discretion.

2. Eligibility and Registration

2.1 Player Eligibility

2.1.1 Players must be enrolled full time or part time at an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school in the U.S. or Canada. Incoming new and transfer students are eligible. CCA staff reserves the right to request proof of enrollment at any time.

2.1.2 Players that do not meet the criteria in Section 2.1.1 will be removed from the tournament and may be banned from participating in future CCA events.

2.2 Team Eligibility

2.2.1 A team is comprised of no less than 3 members and no more than 5 members

2.2.2 Players may participate on only one Team at a time throughout the Tournament.

2.2.3 All team members (starters and subs) must meet the requirements in Section 2.1

2.2.4 All team members (starters and subs) must all be attending the same educational institution

2.2.5 Team names must include, in some way, what school you are representing. CCA reserves the right to remove or rename teams that do not follow naming requirements must sign-up on by creating a team, followed by the team members joining the roster.

3. Tournament Stages and Format

3.1 Definition of Terms

  • "East Conference": means schools in the following states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • “West Conference”: means schools in the following states Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Washington.

3.2 Stages and Format

Please note that each stage except the Open Circuit and Championship will have seperate East Conference and West Conference events.

3.2.1 Open Qualifiers 2 open qualifiers will be held (per conference) for the Summer Series. The top 32 teams from each will advance to play-ins. If a team qualifies in Qualifier 1 they cannot sign up for Qualifier 2. Eastern Qualifiers
  • Qualifier 1: June 4th @ 8pm ET
  • Qualifier 2: June 7th @ 2pm ET Western Qualifiers
  • Qualifier 1: June 4th @ 9pm ET
  • Qualifier 2: June 7th @ 3pm ET

3.2.2 Play-in The Play-in will consist of 64 teams: 32 from Qualifier 1 and 32 from Qualifier 2. Of the 64 teams who qualified, 24 teams will move onto 1 of the 2 League Play Divisions.

  • Eastern Playin: June 14th @ 2pm ET
  • Western Playin: June 14th @ 3pm ET (12pm PT)

3.2.3 League Play League Play is a Round Robin Bo5 over the course of 6 weeks with 2 matches per week being played (Excluding Bye Match). League Play is split into 2 Divisions. Division 1 and Division 2. Each Division will be made up of 12 teams. Placement in the Play-in will determine League Play Division placement.

  • Division 1 League Play: Teams that place 1-12 in the Play-in.
  • Division 2 League Play: Teams that place 13-24 in the Play-in.

3.2.4 League Play Rescheduling Standard match times are given in this section. If your team is unable to play at the given time, it is your responsibility to contact the opposing team to reschedule. The rescheduled time must be communicated with Tournament Administrators

  • East Conference Default Match Time: Tuesday and Thursday 8PM ET
  • West Conference Default Match Time: Tuesday and Thursday 6PM PT

3.2.5 League Play Stream Scheduling The CCA will be streaming League Play on each Tuesday (Division 2) and Thursday (Division 1). Tournament Administrators may request teams to reschedule to standard stream slots as seen below.

  • Streamed Match Slot 1: 8:00PM ET
  • Streamed Match Slot 2: 8:50PM ET
  • Streamed Match Slot 3: 9:40PM ET

3.2.6 Open Circuit Open Circuit will be made up of 5 Double Elimination Tournaments (BO5/BO3) with anyone not in League Play being eligible to sign up. Open Circuit will be made up of East Conference and West Conference Teams in the same event. Tournaments will have a point system to determine which teams advance to the Playoffs. The top 8 teams per conference will advance to Playoffs. The seeds for the progressing teams are decided by their total points from the Open Circuit. Tie breaking rules are explained in § Open Circuit Dates

  • Tournament 1: June 21st @ 3pm ET (12pm PT)
  • Tournament 2: June 28th @ 3pm ET (12pm PT)
  • Tournament 3: July 5th @ 3pm ET (12pm PT)
  • Tournament 4: July 12th @ 3pm ET (12pm PT)
  • Tournament 5: July 19th @ 3pm ET (12pm PT) Open Circuit Scoring

  • 1st Place: 30 Points
  • 2nd Place: 20 Points
  • 3rd Place: 17 Points
  • 4th Place: 15 Points
  • 5th-6th Place: 12 Points
  • 7th-8th Place: 10 Points
  • 9th-12th Place: 8 Points
  • 13th-16th Place: 6 Points
  • 17th-24th Place: 4 Points
  • 25th-32nd Place: 2 Points Open Circuit Tiebreakers In the case of a tie, the higher seed will go to the team that achieved highest overall placement in a circuit. If both teams achieved the same highest overall placement, a best of 5 series will be played with the winner being awarded the higher seed.

3.2.7 Conference Playoffs Playoffs are structured as 32 team, double elimination, "tower of doom" style brackets. ALL 12 teams from Divison 1 League Play, ALL 12 teams from Division 2 League Play, and the top 8 teams from the conference's region in the Open Circuit will progress to the conference Playoffs. Team seeding in League Play and Open Circuit will determine where teams start in the Playoff bracket.

  • Stream day 1: July 28, 2020
  • Stream day 2: July 30, 2020
  • Stream day 3: August 2, 2020
  • Stream day 4: August 4, 2020
  • Stream day 5: August 6, 2020
Summer Series Playoff Bracket

3.2.8 Championship The Summer Series Championship is an 8 team, single elimination bracket, made up of the top 4 teams from each conference.

  • Stream day 1: August 8, 2020
  • Stream day 2: August 9, 2020

4. Gameplay Rules

4.1 Game Settings

  • Default Arena: DFH Stadium
  • Team Size: 3v3
  • Mutators: None
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, or Xbox One
  • Server: US-East (Eastern Conference)/US-West (Western Conference) (Unless both teams agree to use another server)
    Open Circuit: The team that makes the lobby (orange team) will get to choose which region the server is hosted on. After each game, the team that lost the previous game will pick which region the server is hosted on.

4.1.1 Acceptable Arenas

  • Aquadome
  • Champions Field
  • Champions Field (Day)
  • DFH Stadium (Day)
  • DFH Stadium
  • DFH Stadium (Stormy)
  • Mannfield
  • Mannfield (Night)
  • Mannfield (Snowy)
  • Mannfield (Stormy)
  • Neo Tokyo
  • Salty Shores (Day)
  • Salty Shores (Night)
  • Starbase ARC
  • Urban Central
  • Urban Central (Dawn)
  • Urban Central (Night)
  • Utopia Coliseum
  • Utopia Coliseum (Dusk)
  • Utopia Coliseum (Snowy)
  • Wasteland
  • Wasteland (Night)

4.2 Match Procedures

4.2.1 Hosting and Team Colors The Match Dashboard will assign lobby information. The Match Dashboard will specify which Team is blue and which Team is orange. If a match is assigned to be streamed, a Tournament Administrator will communicate lobby information in the Match Dashboard chat on

4.2.2 Game Start Players may not join their designated side until three Players from each Team have joined the Game. If the match is being streamed, a Tournament Administrator will tell teams when to join their designated side

4.2.3 Substitutions Substitutions may only occur in between Games in a Match. Substitutes must be on the Team Roster on

4.2.4 Match Reporting Replays must be saved for match reporting. Matches scores will be reported on the "Match Reporting" form and will be confirmed by CCA Administration

4.2.5 Spectators Spectators are not allowed in match lobbies unless there is written proof of an agreement between both teams. Tournament Administration is also permitted to spectate. If an unauthorized spectator is present your team should leave the lobby and tell request that the spectator leave. If they fail to leave, CCA Administration should be contacted. If a game is played with an unauthorized spectator, the game will still count.

4.2.6 Invalid Accounts Players must link the account they are playing with during registration on Playing on an invalid account may result in consequences at the discretion of CCA Administration.

4.3 Team Rosters

4.3.1 Point of Contacts Each Team must declare one member to be the “Point of Contact” who represents the Team for all official decisions and scheduling and serves as the main point of contact for the Team. This could be a Team Member, Substitute, or appointed Team Manager.

4.3.2 Rosters Teams may only use Players who are on their roster for a Match. Rosters must contain a minimum of three Players and up to two designated reserve. Players who may be used as an alternate. Rosters may also include a manager who does not play in Tournament Matches. Managers do not need to register on An individual may not simultaneously be part of more than one roster at a time.

4.3.3 Player or Team Names Players or Teams may not change their User Names, in-game names, or Team Names without approval from Tournament Administrators. All such names must comply with these Rules and Tournament Administrators may request that they be changed at any time. A roster shall not contain duplicates of the same name, names that consist only of symbols, or names that are difficult to distinguish from one another.

4.3.4 Roster Changes Once a team qualifies for Play-Ins they have until June 9th @ 11:59PM ET to make up to 1 player add or swap for their roster.

4.4 Match Obligations

4.4.1 Punctuality All Teams must have three Players in the online Match lobby and in the designated chatroom by the Match start time. Teams that do not have three Players ready to play after ten minutes of the Match start time are subject to penalties including a possible Match forfeiture.

4.4.2 Forfeits Teams may not voluntarily forfeit a Match without prior authorization from Tournament Administrators and, even with authorization, are subject to further penalties for forfeiting.

4.4.3 Communications Teams will communicate with their opponents and Tournament Administrators in a designated chatroom during all online stages of the Tournament.

4.5 Match Disruptions/Disconnects

4.5.1 Open Qualifiers/Play-ins If a disconnect occurs in an Open Qualifier, the shorthanded Team will continue to play out the single Game within the Match series. The disconnected Player may rejoin during the Game that the disconnect occurred in or in between Games of a Match series but may not join in the middle of subsequent Games in the series. After a disconnect, if the Player cannot rejoin during the same Game, the Player will have five minutes to rejoin before the next Game of the Match series begins. If the disconnected Player is unable to join the Game prior to the next Game in the series, the Player’s Team may substitute another Player from their roster if this is the first disconnect for the Team during the series.

4.5.2 Stoppage of Play Tournament Administrators may pause a Game or Match at any time and for any reason. In the event of a stoppage of play, Players must remain at their devices and may not communicate with other Players until the Game or Match is resumed.

4.5.3 Restarts Tournament Administrators may order a Game or Match restart due to exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects a Player’s ability to play or the Game or Match is disrupted by a Force Majeure or other event.

5. Prizing

The prize pool for this event is $20,000. The pool is split between the teams who participated in the Championship.

  • 1st - $7,500
  • 2nd - $5,000
  • 3rd-4th - $2,000
  • 5th-6th - $1,000
  • 7th-8th - $750

6. Code of Conduct

6.1 Personal Conduct; No Toxic Behavior

6.1.1 All Players must conduct themselves in a way that is at all times consistent with (a) the Code of Conduct in this Section 6 (“Code of Conduct”) and (b) the general principles of personal integrity, honesty, and good sportsmanship.

6.1.2 Players must be respectful of other Players, Tournament Administrators, and fans.

6.1.4 Any violation of these Rules may expose a Player to disciplinary action as further described in Section 7.2, whether or not that violation was committed intentionally.

6.2 Competitive Integrity

6.2.1 Each Player is expected to play to the best of her or his ability at all times during any match. Any form of unfair play is prohibited by these Rules, and may result in disciplinary action. Examples of unfair play include the following:

  • Collusion (e.g., any agreement between two or more Teams or Players on different Teams to pre-determine the outcome of a Game or Match), match fixing, bribing a referee or match official, or any other action or agreement to intentionally influence (or attempt to influence) the outcome of any match or Tournament.
  • Hacking or otherwise modifying the intended behavior of the Game client.
  • Playing or allowing another Player to play on an account registered in another person’s name (or soliciting, encouraging, or directing someone else to do so).
  • Using any kind of cheating device, program, or similar cheating method to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Intentionally exploiting any game function (e.g., an in-game bug or glitch) in a manner not intended by Psyonix in order to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Using distributed denial of service attacks or similar methods to interfere with another Player’s connection to the Game client.
  • Using macro keys or similar methods to automate in-game actions.
  • Intentionally disconnecting from a Match without a legitimate reason for doing so.
  • Accepting any gift, reward, bribe, or compensation for services promised, rendered, or to be rendered in connection with unfair play of the Game (e.g., services designed to throw or fix a match or session).
  • Interfering with the operation of the Tournament, the Rules Website or any website owned or operated by CCA Administration.
  • Engaging in any activity that is illegal in the jurisdiction where the affected Player is located.
  • Betting or gambling on your own performance, the performance of your Team or the results of the Tournament or any phase of the Tournament.
  • Making any modification to the Game that has not been disclosed to and authorized by the Tournament Organizers.
  • Using any Tournament facilities, services or equipment provided or made available by the Tournament Entities to post, transmit, disseminate or otherwise make available any communications prohibited by this Code of Conduct.
  • Disconnecting from the In-Game Lobby before being dismissed by Tournament Administrators.
  • Changing In-Game Player or User Name to a name other than Player’s registered User Name.
  • Otherwise violating these Rules.

6.2.2 Each Player is expected to play to the best of his or her ability at all times during any Match and in a way that is consistent with the rules in Sections 6.1 and 6.2.

6.3 Harassment

6.3.1 Players are prohibited from engaging in any form of harassing, abusive, or discriminatory conduct based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable law.

6.3.2 Any Player who witnesses or is subjected to harassing, abusive, or discriminatory conduct should notify a Tournament Administrator. All complaints will be promptly investigated and appropriate action will be taken. Retaliation against any Player who brings forward a complaint or cooperates in the investigation of a complaint is prohibited.

6.4 Confidentiality

A Player may not disclose to any third party any confidential information provided by the Event Administrators or its affiliates concerning the Tournament, CCA, or its affiliates, by any method of communication, including by posting on social media channels.

6.5 Illegal Conduct

Players are required to comply with all applicable laws at all times.

7. Rules and Conduct Violations

7.1 Investigation and Compliance

Players agree to fully cooperate with CCA and/or a Tournament Administrators (as applicable) in the investigation of any violation of these Rules. If CCA and/or a Tournament Administrator contacts a Player to discuss the investigation, the Player must be truthful in the information that he or she provides to CCA and/or a Tournament Administrator. Any Player found to have withheld, destroyed, or tampered with any related information, or otherwise found to have mislead CCA and/or a Tournament Administrator during an investigation, will be subject to disciplinary action as further described in Section 7.2.

7.2 Disciplinary Action

7.2.1 If CCA Administration decides that a Player has violated the Code or any term of the Rules, CCA Administration may take the following disciplinary actions (as applicable):

  • Match restart
  • Loss of Game
  • Match forfeiture
  • Issue a private or public warning (verbal or written) to the Player
  • Loss of all or any part of the Prizing previously awarded to the Player
  • Disqualify the Player from participating in one or more matches and/or sessions at the Tournament
  • Prevent the Player from participating in one or more future competitions hosted by CCA.

7.2.2 For clarity, the nature and extent of the disciplinary action taken by CCA Administration pursuant to this Section 7.2 will be in the sole and absolute discretion of CCA.

7.2.3 If CCA Administration decides that there have been repeated breaches of these Rules by a Player, it may hand out increasing disciplinary action, up to and including permanent disqualification from all future competitive play of Rocket League.

7.2.4 A final decision by CCA Administration as to the appropriate disciplinary action will be final and binding on all Players.


CCA Administration has final, binding authority to decide all disputes with respect to any portion of these Rules, including the breach, enforcement, or interpretation thereof.